You might not love your newborn child at first sight, and that’s okay

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After beating yourself up, you can recover

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Navigating the medical system during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The trick I wish I learned a little bit sooner

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This approach to home schooling will not work for everyone, so let me manage your expectations right now. For others, it might present a lightbulb moment and for that hope, I am passing it along. This is about the trick I wish I learned a little bit sooner.

Top 3 myths busted about homeschooling from my personal experience

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Supporting Self Care and Mental Health: Freestyle

Shifting gears — in mind and body.

The ones we didn’t see coming, but that we look back on for a good laugh

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What are those moments that remind you, your life is not quite the same as it was before you had kids?

The PERFECT hiding spot

Tucking away the Hallowe’en candy so the kids wouldn’t eat it all at once, I found the perfect hiding spot —until a funny smell arose one day when I was pre-heating the oven.

Christmas Chicken

Sitting down for Christmas…

Hear from the biggest child development study in history (70,000 children!) has to say and the reality of modern-day parenting

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Research shows too much parental involvement can undermine behavioural development.

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Raise your hand if you are guilty of rambling in your writing

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In regards to = regarding. Slamming the breaks, the black from the tires translating onto the pavement, I stopped.


Inspired by family; passionate about community. Doing what I can to make someone else's day a little brighter.

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