You know — the one about your 3 year old’s marshmallow and gummy vitamin kitchen heist in the middle of the night?

Guilty. Evidence of my 3-year-olds middle-of-the-night shenanigans. (Photo by Author)

My youngest child tests me. He tests everyone. He is smart. And it knows it.

There is something about this kid. I cannot quite put my finger on that something, but he surely let us know the journey with him would be interesting when he was three.

The parenting handbook did not include this lesson. I cannot believe the chapter on middle-of-the-night snack heists was excluded. Gasp! Can I have my money back, please?

“What was that?” I…

A mom. A wife. A daughter. An aunt. A friend. These are labels. Labels who describe some of me, but do not define me.

Photoby mododeolhar from Pexels

My life experiences, or more appropriately how I responded to these circumstances, better define me.

Managing and recovering from a ruptured intestine, a broken neck and a placental abruption; caring for a sick child; returning to graduate school as a parent while working full time; leaving a job and people that I cared for after 16 years to start a new opportunity — these are some of the experiences that help define me.

Our character is a reflection of our actions. …

3 things to improve your relationships

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Foundational to any relationship is trust. Sounds simple enough, right? How do you establish and retain trust within your family unit? — within the parent-child relationship, the spousal relationship and the sibling relationship?

There are a lot of relationships within a small family: mom-dad; mom-child 1; dad-child 1; mom-child 2; dad-child 2; child 1-child 2…add in the extended family, you get the picture. How can every effort be made to ensure trust exists in each of these relationships?

While you consider this, know there is a scientific formula for how trust is built; it has been tested repeatedly with consistent…

Inspiring hope when things might be a little difficult

“I got you.” Look no further: inspiration is in the eyes and actions of the next generation. (Photo by Author)

Being a parent is tough. Being a parent in the era of the internet and social media adds a layer. Now, let’s add on a global pandemic and, let’s face it, it’s all too easy to lose our composure.

What if we took a moment to honour and reflect on the fulfilling moments, the moments that fill our cup? When it comes to parenting, often those fulfilling moments do more than fill our cup; they breathe life in us — and fill a water jug, lasting much further than a brief reprieve. …

How to ask simple open-ended questions that kids are keen to answer

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash

Sitting down at the dinner table, the perfect time to hear about your child’s day. “How was your day?” I inquire. “Good,” he responds. “What did you do today?” I follow up. “Not much,” the pithy responses continue.

The dinner table is an optimum time for the family to engage in conversation. If you find yourself met with brief one-word answers or grunts or groans, here are some conversation starters to ignite dialogue and open the lines of conversation.

Beyond the dinner table, maybe it’s a hike through the forest or during a car ride, there are numerous opportunities to…

Challenging “boys will be boys” and other gender stereotypes

Honouring a child’s interest and curiosity, no matter (Photo by Author)

“Boys will be boys.” “Boys don’t cry.” “Act like a man.” What is the impact of these words? What do these sayings mean? How do we “do better”? As a parent of two boys, these questions resonate. As a parenting community, it’s important we talk about them.

These are just a few gender statements that have penetrated society and are challenged every day as we learn, grow and know that these human beings are capable of greater things. This next generation is greater than the stereotypes that have become ingrained in our society from generations before us. …

Practical advice to help you navigate the kitchen when it’s the last thing you want to do

Dinner is served: pasta, pasta and a little more pasta… with a side of potatoes (Photo by Author)

We’re meal planners, sort of. It’s a work in progress. We ebb and flow with our productivity. I am the batch-up and meal prepper “chef” on the weekends, and my husband takes care of the Monday-Friday routine while I am at work. Yes, we’re an “unconventional family” with a working mom and a stay-at-home dad, but I digress.

In a family of six with two teenage boys, there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. And, as a single-income family, we need to be creative in how we go about maintaining healthy and substantial meals.

Sure, we are reliant…

Supporting our children’s mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

Sobbing uncontrollably, my eight-year-old could not sleep. He began to quiver, and I brought him into my bed, having him curl next to me. “Mommy, I want COVID to stop. I don’t want you to die.” His breathing amplified, tears flowing and slowly soaking his dinosaur pyjamas.

This child is typically the “class clown”, the performer, the comedian, dancing, laughing, singing, “shakin’ (his) boot-tay!” and racing a million miles an hour. On this day: he stopped; he dropped; he sobbed.

I can only imagine what he has been keeping in; what I had been missing to be more present and…

Two utterly different birthing experiences lead to the same depth of relationship years later.

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

When my son was born and let out a cry, the entire room was in awe — the entire room, except me. My first thought, “he is not an alien.”

The birth of my first child was an out of this world experience, literally. Some say all births are miracles, I suggest most are nature — but his was a miracle.

There was a team of thirteen health care workers at his birth; the team prepared for an unwell child. At 37 weeks, I had an amniocentesis to determine if he could be delivered then; at 37 weeks gestation, his…


Inspired by family; passionate about community. Doing what I can to make someone else's day a little brighter.

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